Saturday, September 10, 2011

Advisor and Registration and Degrees, Oh My!

So, after the excitement of last night and the warm welcome that Aberdeen provided me, I decided to settle down today and buy a few things that I needed for my room and look for emails regarding my degree change. I'm changing my degree from a double honours in English/Celtic Studies to English/Psychology and have been trying the better part of two months to get this switch complete. I have emailed two separate people twice about this and one person hasn't emailed me back and from the other I found out that I haven't been assigned an advisor of studies for this year nor has a registration appointment been made with that advisor because I have no advisor to have an appointment with.

The University here is a little different than the Universities in America. In America the Universities have you register for your classes in the spring before your next fall semester. Here we register with our advisers the week before classes start. We don't run into a lot of problems of getting into the courses that we want because there isn't usually a full class for first and second year courses since they are all held in very large lecture halls.

Now, how does this all connect together? Well, the astute of you out there will realise that if we register for classes with our advisor of studies at our meeting at the beginning of the year and I don't have an advisor or registration meeting then I can't register for classes. I wish that was the end of it because that's really an easy fix of going to the University on Monday and seeing different people in different offices about why I don't have an advisor and why a meeting hasn't been set up. But! It's never that easy. Here's the other thing this means. I'm trying to switch degrees to a degree subject that's very sequential. So, it's possible that because I only did Psychology second semester that I would have to take first semester level one and two Psychology this term. But I don't know that until someone emails me back and if I'm suppose to email my advisor of studies to find out what to do and what I need to take but I don't have an advisor then how am I suppose to find out how to switch degrees of even if my degree will switch? *sigh* I suppose it can't ever be an easy fix.

My solution is to go into the University on Monday, get them to give me an advisor and an appointment, and then email that advisor about switching degrees right away. Sounds like a good idea to me. Now, on to the rest of my quiet night in my flat. No more going out for late nights for a while for me.

Peace People,

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