Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Semester's Classes

It's been a while since I last posted, but I assure you that's because I've been busy and not because I'm dead.

Last week was the first week of classes. It was a little bit of stress week of Erin because of my degree switch. Oh yes, I am now officially a Psychology student instead of an English student. I did have a little trouble in making that transition because I've always seen myself majoring in English. So, it was like a little piece of my childhood died. But, at least I am still able to take the English courses this year and I might be able to lecture crash next year which should be a lot of fun.

It was also a little bit stressful because the school of Psychology wanted me to add another course or two for the two first level Psychology courses they were exempting me from. So I thought that I would choose a language and since I might possibly live in California after my degree I decided on Spanish.

Now, my mother is fluent in Spanish and even taught it at university level for many years. Right now she is teaching it at a High School. I also took two university level semesters of Spanish my junior year of high school and received A's both semesters. And I briefly lived in Costa Rica when I was young which means pronunciation is easier for me than some other people. With all of this, I thought it would be a good idea for me to go into Spanish 1 because I hadn't been in a Spanish class for two years. I was wrong. Yesterday was my first Spanish lecture and I spent the majority of it trying not to bang my head on the desk in agony. Needless to say I'm going to try and get into a higher level Spanish so I don't have to hear "La is the article used for feminine words and El is the article for masculine words when saying "the" except with plural nouns. But we won't get into plural nouns just now because that might be a little difficult." There was a point yesterday when I thought, "just kill me now".

Now, I am full into the second week of classes and I'm not complaining (except when it comes to Spanish). I'm really enjoying Psychology this semester as it's all about childhood development. I've always found that an interesting subject. And this semester's English course is all about Shakespeare. So, fun times (except for Spanish).


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