Monday, June 20, 2011

A Picture

I know I haven't been posting much since I've been home, but there's very little to say on a college blog when you're not going to class. I think soon, at least for this summer, I'll make this more of "My Life's Thoughts" blog instead of it being purely about University.

Anyway, as I was waiting around to see if the University site was back up and running today I went outside to take some pictures of Hilly for my Puppy Blog. My old header picture was of Rocco and I thought it should be of Hilly now that she's the one in my home. Anywho, this is a picture that I thought people might find funny. The two pet dogs didn't think it was fair that Hilly got all the pictures taken of her is the result.

The little, curly thing is Rosie and the Golden Retriever in the background in Arwen

Talk about photo crashing!

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