Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures of the Town and My Alumni Meeting

I was asked by a friend in Scotland to take more pictures of my hometown. So, here are a few I've taken in the past few days. They also include a High School Alumni thingy that was held on the new school campus.
You've all seen what I see when I look out of my window back my room in Aberdeen...

Well, this is what I see as I have breakfast every morning. All you have to add is a little Labradoodle running around and playing after her breakfast.

My boy Rocco and I decided to walk to the grocery store so that we made sure that we had enough chocolate to make my famous Mint Chocolate Cookies and my Sun Moon Cookies. So next is a few pictures of my neighbourhood.

This is a bit of the circle I live in.
Rocco quite likes the leaves.
But he doesn't like taking pictures.
The UK uses a lot of roundabouts and small four way intersections. I kind of missed these large, 3 lane intersections.

I think where I live is gorgeous in the winter because it looks like autumn. The leaves all start to fall off the trees and the air is crisp and...well not clean, but cleaner.

Now we come to the pictures of my school. I'd like to show you where I went to High School. It's little place called UHS and this is what I spent the last 4 years in.

You see that I went to school in a bunch of portables. It was the paper here that dubbed us "Trailer Park High". I mean, really, it was a whole bunch of trailers that were either too hot or too cold and the ceiling panels liked to fall down every once in a while. Those classrooms that were not portables (generally the Junior and Senior classes) were tiny things that could barely pass for class rooms. We all generally had to pile in on top of each other just to get in the door and shuffle the desks so that we could actually get into the seats.

This is what the school looks like now:It seems only right that as soon as I start going to school at a castle my old school should turn into a spaceship. It's a very nice building, though I'm not still sold on the outside. The inside looks amazing though! The classrooms are actually big enough to fit all of the students in a certain period. And the students now have actual desks! This is exciting news for everyone. And since we are a musically geared charter school we now have a recording studio. There are also lockers and two stories and a choir room that actually has some acoustics. Is Erin mad that she never got to experience this amazing building? HECK YES! I mean, the drama people have an actual storage room now! Do you know hoe much easier my time there would have been if I had had that storage room during drama? Very. It's alright though, because my little brother gets to experience the coolness of the place. I totally forgot that Freshmen don't have a 7th period so they don't have a 7th period final and get to go home early. I was so looking forward to walking into his classroom, yelling "Munchkin!", and embarrassing him. At least he really gets to enjoy his high school time in this cool new building. Not that I didn't. I'm very proud to be the last graduating class of Trailer Park High.

Oh! Also, look at these chairs! Aren't they cool!? These are in the Drama/Musicianship III and IV classroom. The desk park can swivel and the chair rotate a full 360 degrees. And, as I was talking to my old drama teacher he pointed out that the chair were also part strainer (look at the bottom) so that you could have fun and strain your pasta as well. :) Oh, How I miss the Schlieveman.

I really wish I had gotten a picture of the 10 or so alumni who were sitting in the chairs and spinning. :D

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