Saturday, August 7, 2010

Packing and Registering and Flight Times Oh My!

So, I'm still deep in the packing process. I'm not getting rid of a lot of books so I asked if I could set up my bookcases and books in the spare bedroom and got the ok. So they won't be in boxes for the next few years. My luggage should come in any day now and as soon as it does I'm going to start packing up my warmest clothes and figure out what articles are ready to go on to the next person. I think I'll keep most of my shorts here and only take one or two pairs. What else? Hmm...Well, I'm going to soon buy sheets for my dorm room and a few pots and pans because they don't provide those over there for me.

I tried to register online for classes yesterday and that didn't work. So I emailed my overseas advisor and she hasn't gotten back to me. That probably means I won't hear from her until Monday, or I guess Sunday late. That's ok with me as long as get my classes all taken care of before I leave in a month.

My plane tickets are proving a bit of a hassle. My mom said that she could come with me to help me move in which is great, but she will have already started school and we're trying to find times that will work for both of us. Her boss is only letting her miss two days, three if there's a delay. I of course would love to leave from here so that I can go to my friends open house on Thursday. She's getting married and I'm bummed I can't attend the ceremony so I would really love it if I could go to the open house. But that means that my mom would have to take a train up here. I wouldn't mind leaving early, but she can't and says that she wouldn't mind leaving Thursday evening from LAX, but I would be thinking the whole time "I could be at K's open house to wish her well." And I really want to arrive on the 18th for welcome weekend so that there is someone there to get me to the school. Maybe I will leave that Thursday so I can take the shuttle to school without my mom. I stand a better chance at talking to classmates if she isn't there with me. I don't know...but I'm freaking out man!

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