Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Luggage is Here!

I got a call yesterday from the place I'm buying my luggage telling me that my luggage had come in. I had to wait for the larger bag to come in. It's a different version of the smaller bag. The company stopped making the kind of bag that the smaller version is and modified it. I opted to take the smaller bag they already had even though they aren't exactly the same. It's because it has some orange on it and I kind of like the orange.

Here's the first bag.
This is the bigger bag.
The two of them together.

They don't look extraordinarily big, but they really are. And this way I won't be able to over pack which is something that I am prone to do. Now I really can only take the important things. Like clothes and other necessities. And hey! I can fit a puppy in them!

My Guide Dog Puppy in Training, Rocco, breaking in my new bags.
Hmm...I wonder if Guide Dogs would notice if a puppy went missing.
I had this great picture of him looking straight into the camera, but then my pet dog barked and Rocco wanted to know what was going on.

Well, now I can start packing up some clothes into the bags. I'm not going to be wearing my jeans here in 100+ degree weather. And my sweaters a things will go in there too. It's getting closer and closer to leaving time.

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