Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In my dreams I am always a smoker. Sometimes I'm also a hard as nails lady detective, but that's really beside the point. The point is that no matter what I'm dreaming, I will eventually pull out a cigarette and light up. This I find very odd as I am not a smoker. Never have been and never will. Now, I'm not one of those people who goes around trying to get other people to stop smoking (though, I would be very happy if my brother stopped. Mostly because I keep imagining my life without him if his life gets cut short due to the cigarettes and you know what? It's not a happy life. It's rather dreary and bleak) because, the way I see it, it's their lungs not mine. I've have been known to ask people to move upwind from me if I can't move so I don't have to smell and inhale it because then it is my lungs. Once my lungs are involved I will say something. Now, some of you might think, "Well, Erin...don't you think that's a little rude?" No, I don't. Because I'm always polite about asking them just to move just a little and I have really bad asthma so I think it's alright if I protect myself for having an asthmatic fit. Anyway, off of the side track rambling.
If I am so adamant to never become a smoker then why is it that I'm always a smoker in my dreams. I really am quite set on not smoking. I mean, besides the whole asthma thing smoking makes you smell and, I'm sorry but no thank you. I like smelling like flowers not an ashtray. I've thought a little about why I smoke in dreams. The idea of secretly wanting to rebel against society and my parents and my lungs crossed my mind. Then I remembered that 1 out of 4 parents is not really rebelling and I already rebel against society by bringing a puppy into establishments and my lungs...well, I don't really enjoy doubling over in coughing fits no matter how much fun rebelling sounds.
So, why? Is it that I secretly want to slowly end my life. Ok people, if you are a smoker out there and have the disillusion that smoking doesn't actually shorten your life span, the hard truth is that it does. Sure, you could get some of the same problems by sitting over a campfire too often. But, I doubt you're sitting by a campfire every single day and campfire smoke doesn't generally have several different types of rat poison mixed in. So, sorry to break that lie for you. Back to me wanting to shorten my life. It seems a little dark doesn't it? Slowly killing myself with a single stick of tobacco and poison every day. I don't like to think that the reason I smoke in dreams is because I secretly wish to kill myself over a long period of time.
Still, it leaves the question, why do I smoke in dreams? Is it because it's something I'll never get to try (asthma people...asthma) and so I try it in my dreams. Do I want to smoke? You know, self consciously? I'm afraid I do not know the answer to this.
All I do know is that Katherine DeMarco, AKA Kat De, PI, looks awful sexy extending her long legs to perch on her desk while exhaling a slow train of smoke. ;-)

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