Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*Warning: This Post does include some crude language and a sexual picture. So, if you are bothered by this please don't read any farther. Basically, if you still are unsure as to where babies come from or are uncomfortable with the subject, just close the browser now. Please don't comment on this with "Why are you posting this on the internet?!" because there are a lot of things out there that are so much worse than this. Don't say that I didn't warn you. Thank you!*

So, I'm having a lot of fun here at university. Why you ask? Well, it's not just because I have great friends, I have fun walking the city, or the fact that I like all of my lectures this semestre. These all add to my enjoyment. And it's not even because every guy I meet here has a wonderful accent or dialect and is much more gorgeous than your normal American Guy Fare. No, all of these things are just pluses in my mind. The real reason I'm having a lot of fun is because where else besides college halls would this be shoved under your door in the morning?

This piece of paper amuses me on so many levels. When I first saw a few of these scattered under our, for lack of a better word, front door I paid them no mind thinking that they were just more "Come to this Pub to get Drunk Fast!" or "Save by re-renting with Unite Today!" fliers. Of course when I saw what they really were I had to pick one up and giggle.
The first reason I find this hilarious is because the picture of the woman. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't tap that. You might be saying, well obviously Erin, you're a girl. Well now, let's first not make and judgements on anyone out there people and yes, it's true. I do like the male species quite a lot. But, perhaps you can't see her very well in the picture I have taken. She just doesn't look appetizing at all. I mean, there are no breasts to speak of and her arms are disproportionate and...just no. Sorry, woman, you just have to get a new job I guess. Can't be an ugly whore...let's face it, that's just not in the job description.
Secondly, you can't see it in the picture, but underneath it says "licensed to thrill". Really now? When was the last time anyone needed a license to thrill? I mean, yes, the theme parks with scary roller coasters do a need a license, but that's more for health regulations and making sure they won't kill anyone during their thrilling. It's just an odd choice of words. I mean, "we're licensed to thrill, but please? No no, we don't "please" here at Octopussy." Anyone else see the problem there?
Thirdly...the name. I'm sorry, but did anyone else image a woman with eight...well you know? I can't have been the only one. Or maybe I was and just have a very odd imagination. Anyway, countless reasons to laugh at my "Early bird Ticket".
These are the reasons I enjoy University...

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