Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Birthday Continues

You might be thinking, "Jeez Erin, wasn't your birthday almost 3 weeks ago. The answer to that is, yes, it was, but my parents waited until after my birthday to send me packages. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you some of the fun stuff I received.

First of all, the envelope from my mother is far too pretty to throw away.
Secondly, look at this card. It's now hanging on my wall because it's so pretty.
In the big box I picked up from the post office today was a smaller box. I don't think this was intended as a gift, but I think it's a really pretty colour so I'm keeping it. Don't know what I'll do with it yet...
maybe I'll let Georgia use it as a bed. She looks comfortable there.
But inside the smaller box was the real present. Lavender oil in a really cool glass bottle. It specifically says that this bottle should not be carried around in your handbag because it was made to sit on your table. So, where did I put it?
Next to the picture of my Mommy and Me of course.
That is what was in the box from my Mom and step-dad. Along with a pair of boots I acquired while home and didn't have room to stuff into my bag, but I didn't take a picture of them.
From my Dad and step-mom I got my contact lenses which I'm thankful for. They're a different brand and they allow me to wear them all day without irritation. And wearing my glasses is hard for some classes because there's reading notes and then reading the slides, so my glasses are going on and off and on and off. Contacts really make it easier. Anyway, they also sent me the American measuring stuffs I asked for. Some nice spoons, but they weren't so cool as to get their own picture. The cups however....
What?! You don't believe me? Of course these are measuring cups!
See? I told you.

And you doubted me.
Not only do they go with my love of multi-coloured things, they also go with me theme of collapsible cooking wear. Perhaps you remember the collapsible strainer and the collapsible bowl and the fold up cutting board? Now, I can't wait to start baking again. I haven't done any here because silly Erin forgot that all of her recipes were in American measurements and I couldn't get the cups and spoons I needed so easily. One last problem I'm trying to solve is figuring out where to get chocolate chips. You would think this is an easy task, but no. Oh well, I plan to be in possession of baking chocolate by Saturday even if I have to buy expensive dark chocolate.


  1. Check facebook for a recipe from the Fresno Bee.

  2. What about baking sheets? Do they make collapsable baking sheets as well?