Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lawn

Now, when last we left me in my exciting adventure I was telling you about how I was experiencing a little writer's block. You'll be glad to know that I got my writing exercise done and turned in. You might also remember that I said a little something about the lawn and how it deserved a post of its own. Well, here it is.

Well, I've been having a lot of fun trying to keep our lawn nice and neat. It was about a week ago when this all started. I walked into the kitchen and encountered a foul smell. Now, the flat is pretty small so if one part of the flat starts smelling funny the rest will shortly follow suit. I shortly discovered that it was this yellow liquid at the bottom of the trash can. Quickly I went to work taking the trash out the the outdoor bin and cleaning up the mess on the floor that it left. As I took out the trash I noticed that the lawn was in serious need of some TLC. So, since it wasn't raining (a real treat for Aberdeen) I decided to pull out the lawn mower and give it the love it needed. That's when I realised that I had no idea where the socket was the plug in the lawn mower. What does a renter do when they don't know something about the house? Call the landlord!

Of course, our landlord isn't here but we do have a factor. So I called him and asked. He said that we just had to string it through one of the back windows. Thinking about how silly that would look but not how long the cord was, I started stringing the lawn mower cord through my bedroom window. I started mowing the lawn and realised...I didn't know which part of the back or front lawn was ours. Well, I figured I would just mow all the lawn and give a nice present to our upstairs neighbours and then ask my landlady through email. I got about halfway through the lawn when the mower stopped working. I was confused for a little, until I realised that the plug had been pulled from the wall.

So I had to leave it for a day, half mowed, before I got an extension cord. The next day I got the extension cord and started to mow the bit that was still all long and unseemly. Unfortunately the extension cord was about two feet too short! So, there is two feet of lawn still uncut. I don't want to spend anymore money on a really long extension cord, but I'm feeling I might have to. It's starting to look a little weird.

On a side note; the call to my factor also reminded me to tell him about my wardrobe that had collapsed my first day back here. He says he can fix it, but he hasn't been back here to fix it yet. I hope it'll be fixed soon.

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