Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Visitor

Our flat doesn't allow pets which does make me sad a little. But, I know that getting a pet right now when I'm out of the house a lot wouldn't be good for me or the pet...unless it was a fish.

Even though our flat doesn't allow pets some of the flats around us do have pets. Next door there are two dogs that greet me whenever I walk into the backyard. They're quite friendly. I was told by my flatmate that there was a one-eyed cat wandering around our neighbourhood. I hadn't met him until a few days ago, but when I did meet him I fell in love with him. I call him "One-Eye Jack". 

The other day I was hanging laundry outside and "One-Eye Jack" came over to me and started playing with me and rubbing up against me and being a real cat. So what did I do? Of course I sat and played with him for about an hour. I was a happy Erin.  
One-Eye Jack standing in our doorway yawning.
One-Eye Jack begging to come in.


  1. So at least you are not totally isolated from animals. I bet one-eyed Jack has already come in for a visit, hasn't he?

  2. He might have come in for at tops 10 minutes but I didn't want to post it online. :P