Friday, March 4, 2011

Flat Viewing

Last night after a wonderful girls night in with Lisa, Marlene, and Vera I curled up under my nice, warm blankets. As I cuddled against my pillows and wrapped the blankets tight around me, it occurred to me how fickle life could be sometimes. A few days ago I was feeling really homesick and thoughts of not being able to find a place to live next year kept going in and out of my head. Needless to say it was a sad few days for Erin. But, I got over it. I'm surprisingly chipper now and have decided that I won't worry so much, because worry only gets me stress and unhappiness.

Surprisingly...this has already worked to better my situation. After calling up a rental agency to ask for a viewing after I was called and said that I should start looking 2 months in advance instead of a year (that bit was my fault as I put down the wrong dates on my enquiry form) and then being told that I was being silly for looking 2 months in advance I decided to call back. I said that there should be no harm in viewing the flat. I said that I was aware the owner was most likely looking for someone to move in at the end or March and that I cannot move in until the end of May but that just in case no one came up (which I'm sure that no one will because it's the middle of a semester) we would like to view it. (Let's get real people, this flat was open when I started looking back in January. I don't think they'll find someone who will want to move in sooner).

So, Lisa and I are going to the viewing today and this excites me. If the person likes us enough and realises what I have about no one coming to Aberdeen between March and May who would need to rent a flat long term, then hopefully we'll at least have a place to think about for the summer. :D Hooray!

Wish Us Luck!!! (please)

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