Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Wet Walk Home

I've been pretty busy these past two weeks I've been back in my home of Aberdeen. Besides moving, which is a story all in itself, I had my home visit with Guide Dogs for the Blind and have been to the doctor's twice. My home visit included having a puppy stay with me for a few days and both doctor's appointments were pretty exhausting.

So, when I woke up yesterday morning at half past four in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep I decided to take the day off...from everything. There was no taking things to the charity shop, no errands to run, and no responsibilities. Yesterday's relaxation included seeing the film Brave, eating dinner out, and then going to the pub quiz. It was a pretty good day, but by the time the scores were announced I was so, so tired. Luckily, everyone wanted to leave then because the pub was so warm.

Now, in these past two weeks I have forgotten why I keep telling people that Aberdeen has horrible weather. There have been very few days where I actually have to wear a sweater of any kind and a few where I was uncomfortably warm in jeans. So, when we stepped out into the misting summer night my body was a little shocked. It wasn't particularly cold, but I was chilly. But at least it wasn't raining.

I really should have knocked on wood.

We were outside for about five minutes before the rain started coming down in ernest. I really, really hate wet feet and this is the one time that I didn't wear my boots. As I was slowly and cautiously manuevering my way around puddles the men fold decided to be about six years old again. They stomped in any puddle they could find and started splashing about with no other intention that to get themselves and everyone else as wet as they possibly could get. I was able to stay out of the way when the whole group was still walking because I hung out in back, but when we got closer to home I started feeling the splashing rage.

AND when someone kicks a puddle in my general direction is it any wonder that I would kick the puddle right back? So...I got home very, very wet. Peeling off your socks and shoes and jeans is never fun. We actually had to turn on the heaters for a little last night so that some of the soaked items would kinda sorta dry by morning. And I'm still trying to fix a book that, whilst being in the safest part of my bag that would not have normally gotten wet, got hit full force with puddle and rain water.

But at least I had fun right? Also, today is absolutely gorgeous.

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