Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Debate

I know that this was suppose to go up on Wednesday, but my computer has been acting a little funny as of late and I wasn't able to post it up. Blogger has been acting up with so many different aspects, but I'm fairly certain it might be because my computer is about to die.

Anyway, this week's debate has to do with University. I have been asked many times why I chose to come to Scotland for University. I had, in fact, gotten into a few Universities in the states and it definitely would be easier to go home for breaks. The Universities weren't bad either. Wake Forest in North Carolina and Sarah Lawrence in New York were the two I was debating between before I got my acceptance letter from Aberdeen. As soon as I got that letter, I knew where I was going. So, why then did I choose Scotland so quickly and so easily?

Sexy Scottish men and their accents aside...seriously though, not only would going to Scotland be a great adventure (and trust me it has been!) it would also cost me much less in the way of tuition for very good education. I think I'll be spending about half as much on tuition here as I would have at Sarah Lawrence over the four years. And here, Scottish and English students do not pay tuition.

My question for you is:

Do you think there should be dramatic cuts to tuition so that even those who do not come from well off families have a chance a good education? Or should University be free?


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