Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some New Blog Ideas

Well, I know that I've been absolutely horrible about updating lately. I feel like I've been busy, but at the same time I don't feel like I haven't done anything at all in the last few weeks. I guess it's just the feeling that I can get when it's close to exam time.

So, obviously, trying to condense my Psychology notes every week on here hasn't motivated me. I guess it's because this semester's Psychology sections haven't been too interesting. I won't lie and say that I'm not nervous about the Psychology exam, because I am. Very much so. But I'm doing the best I can with reserach and studying so I think I'll do alright. At least I hope I do better than last semester...oh dear, I just got worried again. *nervous face*

Anyway, I've been thinking about ways to update more often and I'm going to start two weekly posts. Both weekly posts have a little something to do with life as a college student. I haven't really been able to find something that is specifically geared toward being a college student in Scotland. I guess all college students around the world deal mostly with the same issues. How 'bout that huh?

The first is a tribute to something we use to do at home a while ago. I call it: Sunday Dinner. Here's what Sunday Dinner is all about. When I was home, before my dad and step mom got married, we would have a big dinner every Sunday. I don't exactly remember the reason it fell apart and I won't say that I wanted to go to all of them or that I enjoyed all of them. But, I enjoyed a majority of them. Over the two years I've been here in Scotland I've gotten a little bored with dinners. Why? Becuase I don't really know how to cook. I'm a fairly accomplished baker (though I'm still working on decorated and frosting and such) but I've never been all that interested in cooking. I guess my giant sweet tooth always pulled me toward baking cakes and cookies rather than soups and stews. But, I got so bored with salads and pasta that I wanted to learn to cook different and better things. So, every week I shall be cooking something new and posting pictures. I'll be making the food at some point during the week, but always posting on Sunday.

The second is a weekly debate. Nothing too wild and crazy, but I figure it might be nice to get some discussion going on this blog. College is the age where we all become set in our traditions and really start to be comfortable with who we are. What better way to celebrate our individuality and difference in opinions than asking some hard questions? I'm planning for these debates to be posted every Wednesday. You can chime in whenever you see fit and, if I get some good comments, I'll tell everyone my opinion on the following Wednesday before I announce the new debate.

Well, those are the two things that will be starting on this blog this blog in the next week. I'll post updates whenever something interesting happens. Speaking of interesting turns of events, I have some pretty interesting updates which I shall post about tomorrow afternoon.

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