Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Mushrooms with Cream and Apple Cinnamon Cake

First off: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I have two dad's. My biological father and my step-father. No one could ever take the place of my daddy, but my step-dad is absolutely wonderful.

So, you all probably thought that I forgot about last week's dinner. Well that's just not so! Since I knew I was going to be in Luxembourg most of this week I left it off until this week since I knew I wouldn't have time to cook this week.
I got this new (well technically used) cooking book at the New Age store in town that is closing down. It's a Celtic Folklore cooking book. Think what you will, but I think our ancestors knew a thing or two about using a the ingredients at hand. This past week I baked apple cinnamon cake and cooked mushrooms with cream.

The apple cinnamon cake was great. Though our oven is a little sketchy so the middle wouldn't cook so the edges got slightly burnt. But I made it twice anyway and in both cases I took the cake to friends. In both cases I only got one slice. I guess that means it must have been good! *smiles* And it is soooo simple to make. I've already got the recipe memorized.
Top view of the whole cake; sliced apples are in a spiral on top
A bad picture of a slice of the cake
And the Mushrooms in Cream? Well...I'm not the biggest fan. First off, I like mushrooms OK, but they're not my favourite thing ever. I think I would have liked this dish better if the mushrooms were in a cream sauce instead. As the recipe stands now it really is just cooked mushrooms in warm cream. It was great on mashed potatoes, but I can see it getting boring. I might try and switch up the recipe a little and make a sauce to bake the mushrooms in.
Mushrooms in the cream

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