Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

That's right people. My three weeks of relaxing has started! Well, alright, to be honest I'm going to put in 4 hours a day during the week on school work and 2 hours on weekends. But I can do those 4 hours whenever I choose to. Which means that I can wake up whenever I choose to. Lovely feeling really.

Also, my mother is coming for a visit. It should be fun even though I have absolutely no idea what to do with her. Here's a little secret; Aberdeen is not the most exciting of places. I'm sure I'll figure out something before she gets here. Here's hoping the weather stays nice. It looked not so pleasant today, but it's be so nice up until now. Hopefully by the time Mother gets here the sun will return because the few places I know I should take her to are the beach, the park, and the gardens. You might note that they are all outdoor activities.

My other plan for this break is to post all of the back log of posts! I have started a post for every Psychology lecture I went to. Just never got around to finishing all of them. I shall hopefully get one up on Monday. As for the rest of today and tomorrow, I am fully taking a break.

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